Food preparation

Breastfeeding is clearly the most natural way to provide the benefits of breast milk to the growing and developing baby.
The World Health Organization recommendation states that mothers breastfeed exclusively for the first six months
of the child’s life, with continuous breastfeeding in addition to solid foods at least for the first two years. Breastfeeding is beneficial beyond that
its nutritional benefits; protects the baby from infections, regulates and improves the physiological system of mom and baby and facilitates
the link between them; there are different types of Breast Pumps you can choose from and different benefits for each. To find one that suits you, search for
something designed to make you feel comfortable and think about your healthy lifestyle.


Columbus is an innovative food processor that allows you to cook delicacies for your little ones, as well as
sterilize it every time you use it with high-pressure steam


Columbus Plus by Kiwy the food processor is a versatile machine to help mothers
to prepare delicate and tasty foods for weaning