iFeel by Kiwy detects the presence of the child in the car, thus reducing the risk of abandonment.
Compatible with all Kiwy car seats, a list of compatible models of seats from other brands is also available.
The Kiwy iFell Device has been tested by us to comply with the homologation parameters of our restraint systems and fully satisfy the compliance with the technical-constructive and functional specifications established by the Ministerial Decree n.122 / 2019.
To check the compatibility of child seats on the market (IMMI Buckle) not under the Kiwy brand, you can check the updated list on our website or directly in the instruction manual.

Seat belt release alarm

Unique innovation on the market for Kiwy’s iFeel: it sends an audible and visual alarm to the smartphone if the seat belt has not been closed correctly or if it is released during travel.

Automatic activation

iFeel automatically connects when the child is seated in the car seat and after having fastened the seat belts without additional parent action. Up to 4 devices can be connected.

Multi-level anti-abandonment alarm

Multi-level anti-abandonment alarm
iFeel sends the first level of sound and visual alarm on the smartphone if the adult leaves the child on board. If this is not deactivated, the app will send a free SMS with the geo-location of the alarm to the previously saved emergency numbers.

Battery level monitoring

The battery level can be easily consulted from the dedicated app. When the battery is low, a notification will be sent automatically to the smartphone. The Set includes a USB cable for charging.