Welcome to the world of kiwy

Kiwy is the Italian brand for high-end products, present on the market for some time and specialized in car seats.

From today we will be present with an innovative line of food products for the baby and his mother.

These have been conceived, designed, created to give innovative and safe solutions to even the most demanding mothers.

What's the best for baby only moms knows.

Breastfeeding is clearly the most natural way to provide the benefits of human milk to the growing and developing infant. Discover the new Kiwy products designed to make you feel comfortable and think about your health by optimizing your lifestyle.

A private chef

No matter how old you are or how many delicious foods you have eaten prepared by excellent chefs, you will always dream of home-made food and the artisanal taste of mothers’ preparations. Because moms give us the first taste of life, from day one.

safety first of all

Babies are fragile and grow rapidly. From this year Kiwy is delighted to provide the most convenient sterilization solutions to make the safety of children more effective and comfortable.

traveling with mom and dad

Reduction cushion for children from birth up to 8.5 kg, headrest, adjustable seat belt and shoulder position and anti-vibration oscillating structure are just some of the many details that make a Kiwy car seat unique and suitable for all needs.